Can Mixed Reality Training aid in cognitive recovery after COVID?
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Patients with COVID-related Encephalopathy are Invited to Participate in the MERIT-CE Study

The Kentucky Neuroscience Institute is conducting a research study (MERIT-CE) to determine if commercially available mixed reality training can aid in cognitive recovery following COVID. Participants will undergo pre- and post-intervention assessments and 12 hours of training using a mixed reality headset.

You May Be Eligible To Participate if You:

- Are 18 and 70 years of ageHave a history of COVID-related Encephalopathy

- Are able to receive mixed reality training at Cardinal Hill (3, 1-hour sessions a week for 8 weeks)

- Are not currently taking opioid medication for pain management

- Do not have a history of: Behavioral, psychological or physical impairments that may prevent safe or consistent participation in study, Seizures, Headaches that have a substantial impact on everyday life

- Are not a pregnant or nursing woman

For more information, contact:

Amanda Glueck, PhD

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