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For A Healthy Participant Looking to Learn about the Research Process, an Unexpected Diagnosis Leads to Early Treatment
Aime Kunes sits on a hospital bed in the CCTS Inpatient Research Unit


Aime Kunes, PhD, volunteered to participate in a research study so that she could become a better researcher herself. She enrolled in the study as a healthy participant, but a test in the research process discovered an abnormality. 

14th Annual CCTS Spring Conference Draws Nearly 1,000 Participants
Poster Presenters at 2019 Conference

The 14th Annual CCTS Spring Conference was held Monday, April 15 and focused on “The Science of Health Policy & Systems Change”.

Nearly 1,000 researchers, clinicians, students, trainees, community partners, and local and national experts participated in the day-long, multidisciplinary event to share findings, disseminate best practices, enhance collaborations, and mentor the upcoming generation of translational researchers.  We also hosted more than 300 poster presentations.

Listen to an interview with plenary speaker Frank Chaloupka, PhD. » 

Measuring Our Impact


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