Accelerating Discoveries to Improve Health
CCTS Responds to COVID-19
Illustration of a COVID-19 particle

We have leveraged our infrastructure and partnerships to quickly develop resources for research related to the novel virus. From the a COVID-19 biobank and pilot funding program to running assays for studies and launching a prevention survey, every aspect of the CCTS is involved in responding to the pandemic. 


COVID-19 Prevention Project: Protecting Ourselves, Our Families, and Our Communities
Illustration of diverse group of people wearing face masks.

from the CCTS Wellness, Health & You (WHY) Program 

Researchers at the University of Kentucky need everyone’s help in understanding prevention efforts and risk related to the new COVID-19 virus. You can make a difference by completing a confidential 15-minute survey as part of the COVID-19 Prevention Project

Measuring Our Impact


Return on Investment of Pilot Funding Program 


of CCTS Service Requests Related to Health Disparities in 2019


ROI on Appalachian Translational Research Network Grants