Additional Recruitment Services

Public Relations

  • Create news articles for research studies - send completed article template with IRB submission
  • PR authorization for use and disclosure of information and images
  • Develop radio copy
  • Place news articles on UK Now
  • Release to media (note: the media does not always pick up these news stories)
  • CCTS or your department's PR will call Research Investigators/IRB Chair about media interview requests for your research study
  • Work with investigator to create consumer-oriented columns and articles for placement in local/regional newspapers and magazines
  • Promote investigators as guests on local radio/television interview segments

UK HealthCare/Marketing

  • UK HealthCare media venues: Facebook and Twitter
  • UK HealthCare Health Matters, Making a Difference, Vital Signs
  • General research information and flyers on UKHC monitor screens and website homepage
  • UK Health Connections (859-257-1000) - filters "Research Study" phone calls to CCTS Participant Recruitment Services
  • UK Informations (859-257-9000) - filters research study calls to CCTS/CSC 
  • Cosmo Calls - Nurses that handle calls after hours will send "potential participants" to CCTS
  • UKHC outreach events: research departments are welcome to attend as UK Ambassadors