COVID-19 Research Resources for UK Investigators


UK CURE Alliance Pilot Funding

The three cores of the UK CURE Alliance request applications for funding to support COVID-19 research projects across the entire research spectrum, from foundational basic science research to population level outcomes research. 

Funding is available in three categories: health and biomedical science, materials and methods, and social science. 

Full-time faculty (all title series including regular, research, clinical and special) at the University of Kentucky are eligible to apply. 

Complete details, RFAs, and a list of current awardees is available here. »



A full list of other CCTS services is available here

  • For assistance registering an interventional clinical trial on please contact Emily Bradford.

Office of Research Integrity

Protein Core

  • SARS-CoV-2 receptor binding domain (RBD) protein – His tagged. Prepared in mammalian cells.
    100 µg - $75.00, 1 mg - $400
  • For a description of the construct see Amanat et al. (medRxiv, 2020)
  • If interested contact Lou Hersh, PhD.

Physics Facilities

  • The Physics Machine Shop fabricates models and devices for our research and instructional efforts, and serves multiple departments besides ours.  Our shop staff have many decades of experience assisting faculty with design, prototyping, and production of devices and components.  The Machine Shop's automated machining facilities can create finished products with a high degree complexity and precision from a variety of materials. 
  • The Physics Electronics Shop assists with prototyping and production of electronic parts and equipment. 
  • The Center for Advanced Materials hosts sophisticated equipment for synthesizing novel materials and measuring their electrical, magnetic and optical properties.  Several of our faculty associated with this Center have extensive experience with materials synthesis and would be available to assist any efforts involving development of new materials.
  • If interested in accessing any of these resources, please contact Alfred Shapere, PhD.