Participant Recruitment Services

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Participant Recruitment Services (PRS) provides compliant advertising recruitment materials for studies. We have a wide variety of tools available for University of Kentucky researchers. We can help you develop your recruitment plan, create materials, and promote your IRB approved study on our dedicated resources and paid venues.

IRB information on Recruitment of Subjects/Advertising (IRB Survival Handbook)
  • See Recruitment of Subjects/Advertising
  • See Children (including Wards of the State/Emancipated Individuals) Vulnerable Subjects and Students as Subjects (Vulnerable Subjects)
Learn more and find FAQ's on Participant Recruitment Advertising here



For Participant Recruitment Services, contact:

  • Ashley G. Hall, MS

    • Research Project Manager, Community Engagement and Participant Recruitment
    • (859) 323-7375
  • Richard Sanchez

    • Research Administrative Coordinator Senior
    • (859) 967-4928