Participants Invited For COVID-19 Prevention Study
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Researchers at the University of Kentucky are inviting you to participate in a research study to test an antiseptic nasal spray and oral gargle to protect people against COVID-19. Participants will be given a COVID-19 swab test as well as a questionnaire assessing study eligibility. The antisepitc nasal spray/gargle kits will be mailed to your home. A daily questionnaire will be sent to participants to record their experiences within the study.

You may be eligible for the antiseptic spray/gargle if you:

• Are NOT breast-feeding or pregnant

• Are NOT allergic to iodine, shellfish, or contrast dye

• Do NOT have thyroid cancer or disorder

You are still eligible for the control group even if you don't meet the above criteria.

To Contact Study Team, Use Submit Form Below:

Research Coordinator: Marissa Schuh

Principal Investigator: Dr. Alexandra Kejner

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