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CCTS Participant Recruitment Services (PRS) provides comprehensive recruitment support including consultations for recruitment planning, material development and approval, advertising, outreach, and educational opportunities. 

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PRS-Supported Research Published by JCI with "Author's Take" Video
Philip Kern JCI Insights video

In August 2018, the Journal of Clinical Investigation presented an "Author's Take" video with Philip Kern, MD , director of the CCTS, on his paper "Human Adipose Beiging in Response to Cold and Mirabegron".

See the JCI Insight video to learn more: 'Human Adipose Beiging in Response to Cold and Mirabegron'.

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Studies Supported by PRS Across 32 Departments in FY18

  • LEX18 Covid-19 Blood Clot Story
    • Oct 16 2020

    The research, supported by a COVID-19 pilot grant from the CCTS, suggests lung damage caused by COVID-19 might be to blame for prolonged clot risk.

  • Behind the Blue logo
    • Oct 13 2020

    Dr. Lisa Cassis, UK’s vice president for research, oversees the university’s vast medical and nonmedical research efforts. On this episode of "Behind the Blue," she discusses the many areas UK's Office of Research is prioritizing, including greater diversity and inclusion, the increasing commitment to opportunities for undergraduate research, returning research efforts to higher capacity during the COVID-19 pandemic, and more.

  • Portrait of Dr. Gia Mudd-Martin
    • Oct 10 2020

    Mudd-Martin is testing the effectiveness of two interventions aimed at encouraging healthy behaviors such as physical activity, healthy eating and smoking cessation for the populations of rural areas of Bourbon, Rowan, Nicholas and other nearby counties