PRS Recruitment Services

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 Note: All recruitment material PDFs created and/or modified by the PRS team will be locked. Please communicate any revisions via email to PRS team.

What is included in the PRS Flyer Batch?

  • A Recruitment and Marketing Consultation with Sample eIRB Protocol Application Research Description_Advertising language provided
  • Flyer: Card Stock (60 copies) placed on two PRS wall mount locations   
  • Social Media Advertisements for Facebook, X, YouTube, and Instagram accounts
  • A Digital Monitor Advertisement (note: placement of ads is at the discretion of UK Healthcare)
  • Flyer advertisement, training/access to ResearchMatch tool for recruitment purposes

Other PRS services

  • Invitation for your study personnel to attend community outreach events with us or provide recruitment materials/items 
  • Evaluation services including:
    • Metrics to learn more about participants and advertisement campaign performance
    • Study enrollment metrics