Wellness, Health & You (WHY)

Health Begins with You!

Wellness, Health & You (WHY) is a research project that seeks to understand how different life experiences affect health. WHY members are people just like you, and we invite you to join us in our effort to improve health for all kinds of people. All you have to do is answer a confidential yearly survey. 

WHY members also benefit by receiving information about how to prevent or control health challenges as we age. 

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A young man stands in between his parents on a nature path with a footbridge in the background.
COVID-19 Prevention Project: Protecting Ourselves, Our Families, and Our Communities
Multigenerational Family Wearing Masks

from the CCTS Wellness, Health & You (WHY) Program 

Researchers at the University of Kentucky need everyone’s help in understanding prevention efforts and risk related to the new COVID-19 virus. You can make a difference by completing a confidential 15-minute survey as part of the COVID-19 Prevention Project

Why join WHY?
  • WHY members help influence the direction of clinical research
  • WHY members are part of the solution to better health and wellness for everyone
  • WHY connects members to cutting edge clinical research studies and opportunities

WHY embraces and celebrates inclusivity. We seek members with diverse experiences and backgrounds, which is why we need YOU to take part!

Please join us by taking a short, electronic survey!

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How WHY works to improve health:

Graphic depiction of investigator instigated module design, module distribution, and data collection