• Sep 29 2023

2023 TL1 Clinical & Translational Science Trainees Announced

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (Sept. 30, 2023) – The UK Center of Clinical and Translational Science is pleased to announce its 2023 TL1 Trainees.

The TL1 Training Program in Clinical and Translational Science is designed to equip exceptional pre- and postdoctoral trainees with skills required for careers in health-related, multidisciplinary clinical and translational research. The fundamental principal is to provide rigorous training that is effectively integrated with their ongoing professional or graduate research programs.

The 2023 TL1 recipients includes one post-doctoral and seven pre-doctoral trainees.

The 2023 TL1 Pre-doctoral Award Recipients are:

  • Kelsey Bullens, BS
    PhD/DO Candidate, College of Medicine, Department of Physiology
    Project: Identifying Regulatory Mechanisms in Exocrine Models: Eccrine Sweat Glands
    Mentor: Thad Wilson, PhD
  • Micah Devore, BS
    PhD Candidate, College of Medicine, Department of Pharmacology and Nutritional Sciences

    ProjectPharmacological approach to the restoration of hypoglycemia awareness
    MentorSimon Fisher, MD
  • Samantha Hart, BS
    PhD Candidate, College of Medicine, Department of Biochemistry

    Project:  Longevity of Benefits of Bariatric Surgery in Human Subjects with Type 2 Diabetes versus Normal Glucose Tolerance
    Mentor:  Barbara Nikolajczyk, PhD
  • Yolanda Jackson, MS
    PhD Candidate, College of Communication and Information - Health Information

    Project: Evaluating the use of infographic health messages with Alzheimer's Disease
    Mentor: Nancy Harrington, PhD
  • Lindsey Jubina, DPT
    PhD Candidate, College of Health Sciences, Department of Rehabilitation Sciences

    Project:  The Impact of Social Determinants of Health on Physical Activity During Critical Illness Recovery
    Mentor:  Kirby Mayer, DPT, PhD
  • Alexander Petty, BS
    PhD Candidate, College of Medicine, Department of Physiology

    Project:  Second heart field and plasminogen activator inhibitor 1 in ascending thoracic aortic aneurysm
    Mentor:  Alan Daugherty, PhD, DSc
  • Heather True, PharmD
    PhD Candidate, College of Pharmacy, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

    Project:  The Impact of Maternal Opioid Use on Maternal-Fetal Immunity
    Mentor:  Ilhem Messaoudi Powers, PhD


The 2023 TL1 Post-doctoral Award Recipient is:

  • Sean Regnier, PhD, BCBA
    Postdoctoral Fellow, College of Medicine, Department of Behavioral Science

    Project: The feasibility and acceptability of smartphone-compatible, breath carbon monoxide monitoring in people intellectual and developmental disabilities who smoke cigarettes
    Mentor: William Stoops, PhD


Media Contact: Mallory Profeta, mallory.profeta@uky.edu