CCTS Participant Recruitment Services (PRS) FY22 Rates


  • The FIRST BATCH of CCTS PRS materials and advertisement support is FREE
  • PRS rates will apply for subsequent modifications and/or protocol changes to these materials (after study has been IRB approved)
  • All recruitment material pdfs will be locked during creation/modification process. Please communicate any revisions via email to PRS team

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What is included in the FIRST BATCH:

PRS charges will apply for any subsequent recruitment and advertisement support requests (i.e., 2nd batch of materials):

For a complete list of CCTS PRS services and rates, please click here

Invitation for your study personnel to attend community outreach events with us or provide recruitment materials/items for us to take (will start again in Fall 2021)

REDCap Remote Informed Consent and Prescreening Forms for potential participants - examples  

We can also assist you in capturing your enrollment metrics from the start of recruitment:

  • Capturing your metrics will help you learn more about your participants and ad campaigns: 'How did your participants learn about the study?'
  • Every 6 months PRS will send you a REDCap Enrollment Study Status Check. Please provide dates, screening, enrollment numbers and inform us if you need additional recruitment services