Clinical Research Unit (CRU) Services

The CRU provides expert nursing, study coordination and dedicated facilities for patient-oriented research, including inpatient and ambulatory studies.


Most of our registered nurses (RNs) have graduate or terminal degrees.


All of our full-time RNs:

  • are highly proficient at intravenous starts and phlebotomy.

  • are highly proficient at assisting with bone, fat, and muscle biopsies and specialized CLAMP studies.

  • are telemetry and radiation safety trained.

  • have ACLS certification.

  • will have PALS certification by September 2023.



Facilities »

In-patient and out-patient units with expert clinical research staff 

Side by side photos: the left side is three nurses standing close together and smiling in a medical center hallway, all wearing blue scrubs. The right photo is a clinical research nurse in blue scrubs and a yellow mask preparing a tray of tools for a biopsy.


Research Nursing & Study Coordination »

Including expert clinical staff, experienced coordinators, and community research coordinator/clinical liaison support 



Comments from CRU Clients
  • "Great job team. Really enjoyed my time!"
  • Very friendly & competent group. Much appreciated!"
  • "The staff always seems very concerned about my comfort as well as the procedure.  I am happy to be here."
  • "All staff was beyone (sic) exceptional, I will most definitely be interested in more studies. They were all polite, professional and even nice to just talk to. Thank you."
  • "Our comfort is paramount, smaller needles were obtained to help w. infusions because of scar tissue buildup, supplies were in room & ready for us when we arrive. Concerns are addressed & changes made if needed. We are made to feel important & necessary to the study & medicine & part of the team.  People SMILE and laugh.  It's restful to sit back.”