Seed Grant Awards

We provide competitive mini-grant awards (seed grants) to community partners to support  community-oriented projects. We partner with recipients to provide oversight including financial management, human subjects advice, data collection, and protocol/conduct input. 

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2018 Awardees

  • Marcella Fields, Ernestine Hill, Christopher Bates

    Eastern Kentucky Diabetes Intervention
    County impacted: Letcher

  • Pam Spradling

    Collaboration for the Prevention and Management of Diabetes in the Big Sandy Region of Kentucky
    Counties impacted: Magoffin, Johnson, Floyd, Pike

  • Brandi Gilley

    Laurel County Health in Motion
    County impacted: Laurel

  • Jacob Roan

    Walk Pineville
    County impacted: Bell

2015 Awardees

  • Sara Poeppelman

    Cindy The Teacher Goes Hiking: Guided Inquiry in Modeling Cardiovascular Health Risks
    County impacted: Lewis

  • Jeremy Hatcher

    Manchester Memorial Hospital Summer Fitness Program
    County impacted: Clay

  • Ancil Lewis

    Community-Coordinated Diabetes Screening and Outreach Project
    Counties impacted: Magoffin, Johnson, Floyd, Pike

  • Kristina Jayne

    Walking 4 Wellness
    County impacted: Rowan

2014 Awardees

  • Lucy Mays

    Menifee County - Tobacco Use Reduction Project
    County impacted: Menifee

  • Valerie Horn

    Cowan Creek Community Garden
    County impacted: Letcher

  • Megan Givan

    Life Improvement for Edmonson (LIFE) Program
    County impacted: Edmonson

2013 Awardees

  • Susan Swinford

    Enhancing Services for the Fragile Elders in Eastern KY and Southern WV
    Counties impacted: Perry, Harlan, Letcher, Pike

  • David Gross

    Using Telemedicine to Deliver a Smoking Cessation Intervention: Is it Feasible
    Counties impacted: Rowan, Carter

  • Megan Givan

    Diabetes Prevention for the Appalachian Population in Hart County Kentucky
    County impacted: Hart

2012 Awardees

  • Jenny Williams

    Walk Perry County
    County impacted: Perry

  • Linda Napier

    Media Campaign to Promote Smoke Free Public Facilities
    County impacted: Perry

  • David Gross

    An Assessment of Alzheimer Caregivers in a Rural Kentucky County
    County impacted: Rowan