SPARK 2023 Cohort
  • Maddie Duff

    University of Kentucky Sophomore
    Major: Neuroscience
    Minor: Appalachian Studies

    Photo of Maddie Duff, a young white woman with very long dark brown hair. She's wearing a cream colored turtle neck, make-up, and is smiling at the camera, She's standing among tree branches with small pink buds.
  • Treasure Ebikwo

    University of Kentucky Junior
    Major: Health, Society, and Populations

    Photo of Treasure Ebikwo, a young Black Woman with long braids partially pulled back. She's wearing clear, plastic-rimmed glasses, a tan shirt, and a cream colored sweater with black and brown geometric lines. She's smiling and looking slight aside of the camera; behind her is a beige wall.
  • Jade Forest

    University of Kentucky Junior
    Major: Public Health
    Minor: Health Promotions

    Photo of Jade Forest, a young Black woman with straight hair just past her shoulders and a center-part. She's smiling at the camera, wearing a loose short-sleeved collared shirt with pale blue and white vertical stripes and blue jeans. Her arms are to her sides and she's standing outside in front of green foliage.
  • Ellis Jackson

    Kentucky State University Sophomore
    Major: Pre-Professional Biology

    Headshot of Ellis Jackson, a young Black man wearing a white collared shirt and a tie with wide yellow and navy stripes. He's smiling at he camera and short hair, a thing mustache, a goatee. There's a beige wall beind him.
  • Segen Mussie

    Kentucky State University Junior
    Major: Pre-Professional Biology

    Snapshot of Segen Mussie, a young Black woman with long black twists. She's smiling, wearing a loose white, short-sleeved, v-neck blouse with thin gray vertical stripes. The background is dark but she seems to be sitting on a metal bench.
  • Carey Beth Smith

    University of Kentucky Sophomore
    Major: Human Health Sciences, Pre-med

    Professional headshot of Carey Beth Smith, a young white woman with heavily styled long blonde hair, dark eye makeup, and red lipstick. She's wearing a hot pink blouse with ruffled short sleeves and earrings with large, metal overlapping circles.