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CCTS Participant Recruitment Services (PRS) provides comprehensive recruitment support including consultations for recruitment planning, material development and approval, advertising, outreach, and educational opportunities. 

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PRS-Supported Research Published by JCI with "Author's Take" Video
Philip Kern JCI Insights video

In August 2018, the Journal of Clinical Investigation presented an "Author's Take" video with Philip Kern, MD , director of the CCTS, on his paper "Human Adipose Beiging in Response to Cold and Mirabegron".

See the JCI Insight video to learn more: 'Human Adipose Beiging in Response to Cold and Mirabegron'.

Connecting Researchers with Participants


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Studies Supported by PRS Across 32 Departments in FY18

  • At UK's Sanders-Brown Center on Aging, they are working on memory loss and Alzheimer's disease. (WKYT)
    • Feb 7 2020

    Doctors and researchers at UK's Sanders-Brown Center on Aging are looking for treatments for memory loss and Alzheimer's disease, and thousands of volunteers are playing a key role in finding answers. Volunteers at Sanders-Brown do as little as a few hours a year to help research, but the contribution is significant.

  • Charles Lutz
    • Feb 5 2020

    A pathologist at UK HealthCare’s Markey Cancer Center, Dr. Charles Lutz was no stranger to cancer. But when he was diagnosed with an aggressive form of prostate cancer, the doctor became the patient.

  • Dr. Grregory Jicha
    • Feb 4 2020

    WATCH: Dr. Gregory Jicha of the UK Sanders-Brown Center on Aging invites people to participate in one of their dozens research studies related brain health.