Tracking & Evaluation Core

Measuring Our Impact

The CCTS Tracking and Evaluation (T&E) team engages CCTS leadership and stakeholders to implement outcome and performance monitoring in line with the objectives of the CCTS. 

Abstract image of metrics

Our approach is driven by two primary goals that align with the mission of the UK CCTS: 1) metric data collection and analysis designed to track performance, milestones, and efficient utilization of resources; and, 2) process data collection and analysis to inform our understanding of how and why study outcomes are achieved, providing an evidence base to support strategic planning and decision-making.

A major focus of the T&E effort is the systematic collection and analysis of proximal outcomes that are both antecedent to and necessary for achieving long-term impact on community health. Our priority metrics can be broadly categorized as: Research/advancement of knowledge outcomes; Career development/workforce outcomes; Research institutional process/efficiency outcomes; Team science, networks, collaboration, and community outcomes. These align closely with the Becker Model indicators used to demonstrate evidence of biomedical research impact.

The specific aims of the T&E Core are to:

  1. Develop core specific evaluation plans (metrics, processes and timelines) to assess outcomes of key core activities

  2. Support the implementation and ongoing application of NCATS Common Metrics

  3. Establish a data infrastructure to support systematic and efficient collection, analysis and reporting of metrics and other key outputs

  4. Examine the impact of CCTS activities on key translational science outcomes, including scholarship, collaboration, and health benefits

  5. Synthesize and disseminate evaluation findings to CCTS stakeholders for quality improvement and strategic management purposes