CCTS Service Distribution by Area of Focus

Social Benefit Categories


The Translational Science Benefits Model (TSBM) categorizes research into 4 main topic areas that identify societal benefits:

1) Clinical and Medical benefits,

2) Community and Public Health benefits,

3) Economic benefits, and

4) Policy and Legislative benefits. 

This graph demonstrates the percent of CCTS pilot projects that fall into each of the societal benefit categories. 

Chart: Distribution of Respondents Indicating Impact Area of CCTS-Managed Pilot Research (Based on Translational Science Benefits Model)



Special Populations


The following graphic gives the number of CCTS service requests for support by Special Population.

CCTS Services for Special Populations Research Sept 2018 - January 2019



Data are extracted from the CCTS Membership ser and are from September of 2018 to January 31, 2019.

Health Priority Areas


The University of Kentucky Vice President for Research has identified four health areas as priorities: 1) Cancer, 2) Obesity/Diabetes, 3) Cardiovascular/Stroke and 4) Substance Abuse.  The following graphic gives the number of CCTS requests for service support for each category.


Chart: CCTS Service Requests for VPR Identified Priority Health Areas, 2016-May 2018