Public Relations Review (PRR)

University of Kentucky Public Relations requires that all print and media recruitment materials that will be presented to the public receive Public Relations Review (PRR) and approval before being submitted to the IRB.  PRR is facilitated by the UK CCTS and completed by the UK Office of Research Communications. 

To request Public Relations Review (PRR) for your recruitment materials, please submit a service request form. Select "Public Relations Review" from the list of services and upload the documents you need reviewed.  If you need help creating recruitment materials, please also select "Participant Recruitment Services" on the list of services.

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If you are not already a CCTS member, before requesting a service you will be prompted to join. This is free and very fast--it takes about one minute--because it's connected to your linkblue ID. 

Learn more and find FAQ's on Participant Recruitment Advertising here: