PRS Recruitment resources

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PRS value-added, no-cost services may include:

Level 1 (FREE) includes:

  • Recruitment and Marketing Consultations
  • Sample eIRB Protocol Application Research Description_Advertising language

    Creation of a Recruitment/Advertising Packet (which includes):
  • 1st Initial Flyer and Posting Flyer (up to) 2 wall mount locations (60 copies) 
    Note: there are 7 locations on- and off-campus
  • Advertisements for, and
  • Social Media Advertisements for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram accounts (and assistance with paid-boosts for Facebook)
  • Digital Monitor Advertisements for UK HealthCare locations (note: placement of ads is at the discretion of UK Healthcare)
  • Flyer Advertisement, Training/Access to Tool for Recruitment purposes
  • Invitation for your study personnel to attend community outreach events with us or provide recruitment materials/items for us to take (currently on pause)

Level 2 (Fee Based Services) includes:

  • Flyer modifications and Repost to Wall Mount Locations (that exceed 2 hours)
  • Creation of Subsequent Flyer and/or 2nd Recruitment/Advertising Packet
  • Consent to Treat Process 
  • Additional Flyer Posts (>60 copies and (2) wall mount posts)
  • Additional Flyer Printing (e.g., flyers for community outreach events)
  • Create and place Radio/Cable TV/Newspaper (print & digital) Advertisements
  • Mobile Applications

REDCap Remote Informed Consent and Prescreening Forms for potential participants - examples  

We can also assist you in capturing your enrollment metrics from the start of recruitment:

  • Capturing your metrics will help you learn more about your participants and ad campaigns: 'How did your participants learn about the study?'
  • Every 6 months PRS will send you a REDCap Enrollment Study Status Check. Please provide dates, screening, enrollment numbers and inform us if you need additional recruitment services

Below are study flyer templates, if you'd like to create your own instead of requesting PRS to develop the ad for you.