UK Public Relations and Marketing Advertising

Public Relations

  • Print and media advertisements that will be presented to the public require review by UK Public Relations and Marketing to ensure compliance with UK graphics standards and equal opportunity language and IRB approval prior too using for recruitment. 

  • Create news articles for research studies
  • PR authorization for use and disclosure of information and images
  • Develop radio copy
  • Place news articles on UK Now
  • Release to media (note: the media does not always pick up these news stories)
  • CCTS or your department's PR will call Research Investigators/IRB Chair about media interview requests for your research study
  • Work with investigator to create consumer-oriented columns and articles for placement in local/regional newspapers and magazines
  • Promote investigators as guests on local radio/television interview segments

UK HealthCare/Marketing

  • UK HealthCare media venues: Facebook and Twitter
  • UK HealthCare Health Matters, Making a Difference, Vital Signs
  • General research information and flyers on UKHC monitor screens and website homepage
  • UK Health Connections (859-257-1000) - filters "Research Study" phone calls to CCTS Participant Recruitment Services
  • UK Informations (859-257-9000) - filters research study calls to CCTS  
  • UK Customer Service (859-257-2178) - filters research study calls to CCTS
  • Cosmo Calls - Nurses that handle calls after hours will send "potential participants" to CCTS
  • UKHC outreach events: research departments are welcome to attend as UK Ambassadors
  • Physician referral letter: Physicians Liaison Program can provide a list of community physicians

UK Post Office

  • Physician referral letter: UK post office will provide costs to process and mail letters. You will need to provide printed study flyers and envelopes