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KY Medicaid Claims Data is available to investigators for research purposes upon the approval of the UK IRB and the KY Cabinet IRB.

The data pull will be conducted by the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Resources. The data tends to be quite large, so a consultation can be completed prior to IRB submissions. The EDT is very familiar with the data structure and can consult on feasibility and data variables that should be included within the IRB applications. The KY Cabinet IRB process can take several months to complete.

Once you have received the data from the Cabinet, we can help you organize and store the data on an EDT server with direct access to a virtual machine with SAS statistical software available for easy analysis.

  • State Population
  • Deidentified and Identified Data
  • Deidentified data requires IRB approval
  • Identified data requires individual IRB approval
  • Over 15 million annual lives available
  • Dates Available 2000-2018

Currently, the Cabinet has the following search dimensions available for years 2000-2016:

Dimension Category

Dimension Details

Member Enrollment Details

Year of birth, gender, ethnicity, county, education level, payor source

Medical Claims Details

Charges, copay, diagnosis codes, DRG Code, procedures

Prescription Claims Details

Therapeutic category of drug, average wholesale price, drug name, charge, day supply, DAW, DEA number, prescription date, formulary detail, NDC code, NPI code, NCPDP Pharmacy code, drug quantity, strength of drug

Inpatient Confinement Details

Admit date, coinsurance, copay, deductible, diagnosis detail, discharge date, DRG, discharge status, LOS, procedures, standardized cost

Provider Detail

Place of service, category of service,  point of service, provider specialty and type