TL1 Predoctoral Recipients - Current
  • Madeline Dunfee, MEd,MPH MD/PhD Candidate, College of Public Health

    Project: The impact of social support and perceived stress of Appalachian adults on T2DM self-management

    Mentor: Nancy Schoenberg, PhD

  • Gregory Milburn, BS, MD/PhD Candidate, College of Medicine, Department of Physiology

    Project: Effects of left ventricular assist devices on contractile function in patients with right ventricular dysfunction

    Mentor: Ken Campbell, PhD

  • DeAnna Pinnow, MA, PhD Candidate, College of Health Sciences

    Project: Assessing everyday cognition through a novel distraction dosing framework

    Mentor: Peter Meulenbroek, PhD, CCC-SLP

  • Gabriella Pugh, MS, PhD Candidate, College of Medicine

    Project: Investigating the role of B cell-T cell crosstalk in metabolism and inflammation in type 2 diabetes

    Mentor: Barbara Nikolajczyk, PhD

  • Chi Peng, BA, PhD Candidate, College of Medicine, Department of Pharmacology

    Project: Investigation of platelet mitochondrial and proteomic changes in obesity and post-bariatric surgery 

    Mentor: Sidney Whiteheart, PhD

  • Louis Rodgers, BS, MD/PhD Candidate, College of Pharmacy

    Project: Repurposing FDA-approved PI3K/AKT inhibitors to improve brain uptake of anticancer drugs in GBM resection models

    Mentor: Bjorn Bauer, PhD