The Kentucky Research Registry and Specimen Bank

How can you help shape the future of healthcare?

By choosing to participate in the Research Registry and Specimen Bank, you are helping to shape our future healthcare by providing the specimen samples (such as urine, skin, blood, tissue, hair and saliva) necessary to help investigators come up with new treatments and cures for health problems like cancer, diabetes, heart disease and many others. 

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  • You will be given information regarding participation and an opportunity to ask questions. If you decide that you want to participate, you will be asked to sign a consent form

  • After you have provided consent, doctors at the University of Kentucky will be collection leftover blood, urine, tissues and other fluids that are normally discarded after a medical procedure.
  • If you decide to participate and leftover specimens are available, they will be saved in the Research Registry and Specimen Bank and may be used for future research.

Frequently Asked Questions About My Participation

Do you have to participate?
No, participation is voluntary and your care will not be impacted in any way should you choose to say no.

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Will anything extra be done?
No, leftover specimens will be collected when available now and at future visits to the University of Kentucky.

Will it cost anything?
No, there is no cost to you to participate, and no payment for participating.

Will the Research Registry and Specimens Bank benefit me?
Although the knowledge gained may benefit everyone, participation will not likely have any direct benefit to you, but it may help in the advancement of new treatments.

Frequently Asked Questions About My Specimen(s)

Will the researcher know who you are?
No, your name and all other identifiers will be removed from the medical record information or specimen(s) before they are shared with doctors and scientists conducting the research.

Is there any way that you can be identified by this research
Safeguards and security measures are in place to protect your identity and confidential information. However, there is always a small risk that confidentiality may be breached.

What will the specimen(s) be used for?
Specimens may be used to help scientists understand the role that cells, tissues and genes play in human diseases.

How to Withdraw Consent from the Research Registry and Specimen Bank

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If you choose to consent but then change your mind, you should contact the Research Participant Registry Office by phone at (859) 323-3775. Or write to the Research Registry & Specimen Bank:

c/o University of Kentucky
Center for Clinical and Translational Science
800 Rose Street, Pavilion H, C-300
Lexington, KY 40536-0293

After receiving your withdrawal request, we will not collect future specimens from you, and any specimens that have not been used will be discarded.