Community Mini-Grant (SEED) Funding 2019

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 The CCTS Community Engagement and Research Core (CERC) is requesting applications from community partners for funding of $2500 each to support evidence-based or evidence-informed health outreach projects. Four applications will be funded. Projects must be conducted between August 1st, 2019 and August 1st, 2020. Requests for funds may not exceed $2500.


Applications must address the priority categories specified as Award Priorities:

  • Cancer prevention (e.g., nutrition, physical activity, smoking cessation)
  • Reduction of obesity
  • Supporting healthy lifestyle
  • Chronic disease prevention or management (e.g., diabetes, cardiovascular disease)
  • Risk behavior prevention and reduction
  • Substance abuse prevention and reduction

Review criteria will include:

  • the scope of the project (i.e., whether it is feasible to complete in the study period)
  • the extent to which the project is evidence-based (i.e., shown in previous research or practice to be effective), and
  • the outreach capacity (i.e., demonstration of broad collaborations or partnerships with local, regional, and/or state programs)

Applications should describe how your proposed project is designed to accomplish at least one of the following:

  • increase knowledge of risk factors for health disparities

  • improve compliance with prevention or treatment guidelines of health disparities through community and/or provider education

  • increase usage of tobacco cessation programs for youth and adults

  • increase physical activity and/or healthier eating habits via new or existing programs

  • address prevention and/or treatment strategies for other health risk behaviors (e.g., drug or alcohol abuse)

Eligibility Requirements

Grants will be awarded for projects that have a comprehensive plan for implementing and evaluating community programs on healthcare issues of concern to the community. Applications must target residents of Appalachian communities in Kentucky (as designated by the Appalachian Regional Commission).

Applicant community agencies/coalitions must have 501c3 status or a designated lead fiscal agency (health agency or non-profit) to receive and manage the funding award. In addition, the community coalition/group must demonstrate broad community support, including specific plans for involving community members as members of the target population, local health-related organizations, and local businesses.

University of Kentucky (UKY) faculty and staff are not eligible to be project leaders/applicants. However, special consideration will be given to projects that include UK Faculty/Staff members serving in a Mentor/Mentee capacity for applicants and/or community agencies/coalitions. If no UK faculty mentor is indicated in the proposal, awardees will be assigned a University of Kentucky faculty mentor who will provide consultation over the course of the project.


Awardees will be required to complete the following activities:

  • Complete paperwork with the UK CCTS:

    1. Invoice on agency/coalition letterhead for payment;

    2. W-9 Tax Form on behalf of the agency/coalition;

    3. A University of Kentucky Independent Contract (IC) Form;

    4. A written mid-year and final progress report.

  • Attend regular phone or zoom conferences with the Community Engagement and Research Core (CERC) Project Manager:

    1. An initial phone or zoom conference before project begins;

    2. Quarterly updates via phone or zoom conference;

    3. Final conference call.

  • Attend the CCTS Annual Spring Conference in 2020 (Date TBD) in Lexington, KY and make a poster or oral presentation reporting on the project and the results. (Note: The UK CCTS will cover the cost of travel to the conference and, if selected for a poster presentation, the cost of printing the poster).



Dates & Deadlines
  • Applications due by 5 p.m.:
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