PRS Recruitment Services and Rates

CCTS Participant Recruitment Services (PRS): Fiscal Year 2022 >>> click text to open pdf for links 

Participant Recruitment Services (PRS) Fiscal Year 2022


  • The FIRST BATCH of CCTS PRS materials and advertisement support is FREE for all investigators who are NEW to using CCTS PRS services
  • PRS rates will apply for subsequent modifications and/or protocol changes to these materials (after study has been IRB approved)
  • All recruitment material pdfs will be locked during creation/modification process. Please communicate any revisions via email to PRS team

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What is included in the FIRST BATCH:

PRS charges will apply for any subsequent recruitment and advertisement support requests (i.e., 2nd batch of materials):

For a complete list of CCTS PRS services, please click here

Invitation for your study personnel to attend community outreach events with us or provide recruitment materials/items for us to take (will start again in Fall 2021)

REDCap Remote Informed Consent and Prescreening Forms for potential participants   

We can also assist you in capturing your enrollment metrics from the start of recruitment:

  • Capturing your metrics will help you learn more about your participants and ad campaigns: 'How did your participants learn about the study?'
  • Every 6 months PRS will send you a REDCap Enrollment Study Status Check. Please provide dates, screening, enrollment numbers and inform us if you need additional recruitment services.