CCTS: Adventures in Research Comic Book

CCTS Creates Comic Book about Youth Vaping

A young college freshman struggles with nicotine dependence and overcomes adversity with the support of his friends, family, and peers.

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CCTS Adventures in Research Comic Book


Ickes, center, was selected as winner of the CCTS Science Communication Comic Book Challenge. She is joined by Joel Thompson, PhD, research development director, and Bryan Sanders, marketing assistant and illustrator.


This comic is about the perception of electronic cigarette use amongst college students.  The data were collected using survey tools, distributed to incoming freshmen over several semesters starting in 2017.  The results were used to inform and update the current tobacco prevention strategies used by health education and health promotion experts on college campuses and K-12 classrooms.  


I collaborated with college ambassadors to develop an e-cigarette youth prevention and empowerment program, which reinforced the need to think outside of the box when we are communicating with young people about issues that directly impact them. This comic book combines the passion I have for this topic, research we conducted to provide impetus for change in our own community, a storyline guided by wanting to support youth who have struggled with dependence on e-cigarettes and other substances, and the optimism that we can make a difference. I hope you enjoy the story and characters and I look forward to your feedback.


Curious about how we made the comic? Learn More about the creation process from this Lunch and Learn we presented:

Communicating Science and Engaging Youth in E-Cigarette Prevention Through Comics 


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