Selected Recent Publications

2018 Publications

Rural and Appalachian Disparities in Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome Incidence and Access to Opioid Abuse Treatment
The Journal of rural health : official journal of the American Rural Health Association and the National Rural Health Care Association. 34(1): 6-13
Brown, JD; Goodin, AJ; Talbert, JC
December 2018

Human adipose beiging in response to cold and mirabegron
The Journal of Clinical Investigation. 3(15)
Finlin, BS; Memetimin, H; Confides, AL; Kasza, I; Zhu, B; Vekaria, HJ; Harfmann, B; Jones, KA; Johnson, ZR; Westgate, PM; Alexander, CM; Sullivan, PG; Dupont-Versteegden, EE; Kern, PA
August 2018
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Insulin Receptor Plasma Membrane Levels Increased by the Progesterone Receptor Membrane Component 1
Molecular Pharmacology. 94(1): 665-673
Hampton, KK; Anderson, K; Frazier, H; Thibault, O; Craven, RJ
July 2018

Hypoxia-inducible transcription factors, HIF1A and HIF2A, increase in aging mucosal tissues
Immunology. 154(3): 452-464
Ebersole, JL; Novak, MJ; Orraca, L; Martinez-Gonzalez, J; Kirakodu, S; Chen, KC; Stromberg, A; Gonzalez, OA
July 2018

Bioprospecting of Diaporthe terebinthifolii LGMF907 for antimicrobial compounds
Folia Microbiologica. 63(4): 499-505
de Medeiros, AG; Savi, DC; Mitra, P; Shaaban, KA; Jha, AK; Thorson, JS; Rohr, J; Glienke, C
July 2018

Ageing effects on humoral immune responses in chronic periodontitis
Journal of Clinical Periodontology. 45(6): 680-692
Ebersole, JL; Al-Sabbagh, M; Gonzalez, OA; Dawson, DR
June 2018

Elevated Urine Levels of Macrophage Migration Inhibitory Factor in Inflammatory Bladder Conditions: A Potential Biomarker for a Subgroup of Interstitial Cystitis/Bladder Pain Syndrome Patients
Urology. 116: 55-62
Vera, PL; Preston, DM; Moldwin, RM; Erickson, DR; Mowlazadeh, B; Ma, F; Kouzoukas, DE; Meyer-Siegler, KL; Fall, M
June 2018

Methodology and effects of repeated intranasal delivery of DNSP-11 in awake Rhesus macaques
Journal of Neuroscience Methods. 303: 30-40
Stenslik, MJ; Evans, A; Pomerleau, F; Weeks, R; Huettl, P; Foreman, E; Turchan-Cholewo, J; Andersen, A; Cass, WA; Zhang, Z; Grondin, RC; Gash, DM; Gerhardt, GA; Bradley, LH
June 2018

Influence of tiagabine maintenance on cannabis effects and related behaviors in daily cannabis users
Experimental and Clinical Psychopharmacology. (3): 310-319
Wesley, MJ; Westgate, PM; Stoops, WW; Kelly, TH; Hays, LR; Lile, JA
June 2018

Perceptions and practices addressing diversion among US buprenorphine prescribers
Drug and Alcohol Dependence. 186: 147-153
Lin, LA; Lofwall, MR; Walsh, SL; Gordon, AJ; Knudsen, HK
May 2018

Spatial Distribution of Partner-Seeking Men Who Have Sex With Men Using Geosocial Networking Apps: Epidemiologic Study
Journal of Medical Internet Research. 20(5): e173
Algarin, AB; Ward, PJ; Christian, WJ; Rudolph, AE, Holloway, IW; Young, AM
May 2018

Risk Prediction Models for Acute Kidney Injury in Critically Ill Patients: Opus in Progressu
Nephron. 1-6
Neyra, JA; Leaf, DE
May 2018

Self-Regulation and Executive Functioning as Related to Survival in Motor Neuron Disease: Preliminary Findings
Psychosomatic medicine
Garcia-Willingham, NE; Roach, AR; Kasarskis, EJ; Segerstrom, SC
May 2018

Can SNOMED CT Changes Be Used as a Surrogate Standard for Evaluating the Performance of Its Auditing Methods?Spark-MCA: Large-scale, Exhaustive Formal Concept Analysis for Evaluating the Semantic Completeness of SNOMED CT
AMIA Symposium. 1931–1940
Wei, Z; Licong, C; Guo-Qiang, Z
April 2018

Facilitating Cohort Discovery by Enhancing Ontology Exploration, Query Management and Query Sharing for Large Clinical Data RepositoriesCan SNOMED CT Changes Be Used as a Surrogate Standard for Evaluating the Performance of Its Auditing Methods?
AMIA Symposium. 1903–1912
Guo-Qiang, Z; Yan, H; Licong, C
April 2018

Facilitating Cohort Discovery by Enhancing Ontology Exploration, Query Management and Query Sharing for Large Clinical Data Repositories 
AMIA Symposium. 1685–1694
Tao, S; Cui, L; Wu, X; Zhang, GQ
April 2018

SpindleSphere: A Web-based Platform for Large-scale Sleep Spindle Analysis and Visualization.
AMIA Symposium. 1159-1168
Li, X; Cui, L; Tao, S; Zeng, N; Zhang, GQ
April 2018

Quality Assurance of NCI Thesaurus by Mining Structural-Lexical Patterns
AMIA Symposium. 364–373
Abeysinghe, R; Brooks, MA; Talbert, J; Licong, C
April 2018

Ketogenic diet enhances neurovascular function with altered gut microbiome in young healthy mice
Scientific Reports. (8)1: 6670
MA, D; Wang, AC; Parikh, I; Green, SJ; Hoffman, JD; Chlipala, G; Murphy, MP; Sokola, BS; Bauer, B; Hartz, AMS; Lin, AL
April 2018

On the popularity of the USB flash drive-shaped electronic cigarette Juul
Tobacco Control
Kavuluru, R; Han, S; Hahn, EJ
April 2018

Genetic Variants in HSD17B3, SMAD3, and IPO11 Impact Circulating Lipids in Response to Fenofibrate in Individuals With Type 2 Diabetes
Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics. 103(4): 712-721
Rotfroff, DM; Pijut, SS; Marvel, SW; Jack, JR; Havener, TM; Pujol, A; Schluter, A; Graf, GA; Ginsberg, HN; Shah, HS; Gao, H; Morieri, ML; Doria, A; Mychaleckyi, JC; McLeod, HL; Buse, JB; Wagner, MJ; Motsinger-Reif, AA; ACCORD/ACCORDion Invesigators
April 2018

Mechanical demands on the lower back in patients with non-chronic low back pain during a symmetric lowering and lifting task
Journal of Biomechanics. 70: 255-261
Shojaei, I; Salt, EG; Hooker, Q; Bazrgari, B
March 2018

Outcome of Patients With Small Vessel Vasculitis After Renal Transplantation: National Database Analysis
Transplantation direct. 4(3): e350
El-Husseini, A; Saleh, S; Hamad, O; Mei, X; Castellanos, AL; Davenport, DL; Gedaly, R; Sawaya, BP
March 2018

Risk Factors for Transfusions Following Total Joint Arthroplasty in Patients With Rheumatoid Arthritis
Journal of Clinical Rheumatology : Practical Reports on Rheumatic & Musculoskeletal Diseases
Salt, E; Wiggins, AT; Rayens, MK; Brown, K; Eckmann, K; Johannemann, A; Wright, RD: Crofford, LJ
March 2018

Structure-based discovery of mPGES-1 inhibitors suitable for preclinical testing in wild-type mice as a new generation of anti-inflammatory drugs
Scientific Reports. 8(1): 5205
Ding, K; Zhou, Z; Hou, S; Yuan, Y; Zhou, S; Zheng, X; Chen, J; Loftin, C; Zheng, F; Zhan, CG
March 2018

Design, synthesis, and discovery of 5-((1,3-diphenyl-1H-pyrazol-4-yl)methylene)pyrimidine-2,4,6(1H,3H,5H)-triones and related derivatives as novel inhibitors of mPGES-1
Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters. 28(5): 858-862
Ding, K; Zhou, Z; Zhou, S; Yuan, Y; Kim, K; Zhang, T; Zheng, X; Zheng, F; Zhan, CG
March 2018

Features of prescription drug monitoring programs associated with reduced rates of prescription opioid-related poisonings
Drug and Alcohol Dependence. 184: 26-32
Pauly, NJ; Slavova, S; Delcher, C; Freeman, PR; Talbert, J
March 2018

Metallothionein Preserves Akt2 Activity and Cardiac Function via Inhibiting TRB3 in Diabetic Hearts
Diabetes. 67(3): 507-517
Gu, J; Yan, X; Dai, X; Wang, Y; Lin, Q; Xiao, J; Zhou, S; Zhang, J; Wang, K; Zeng, J; Xin, Y; Barati, MT; Zhang, C; Bai, Y; Li, Y; Epstein, PN; Wintergerst, KA; Li, X; Tan, Y; Cai, L
March 2018

Comparative analysis of microbial sensing molecules in mucosal tissues with aging
Immunobiology. 223(3): 279-287
Gonzalez, OA; Kirakodu, S; Novak, MJ; Stromberg, AJ; Orraca, L; Gonalez-Martinez, J; Burgos, A; Ebersole, JL
March 2018

Phaeophleospora vochysiae Savi & Glienke sp. nov. Isolated from Vochysia divergensFound in the Pantanal, Brazil, Produces Bioactive Secondary Metabolites
Scientific Reports. 8(1): 3122
Savi, DC; Shaaban, KA; Gos, FMWR; Ponomareva, LV; Thorson, JS; Glienke, C; Rohr, J
February 2018

Translational Implications of Platelets as Vascular First Responders
Circulation Research. 122(3): 506-522
Becker, RC; Sexton, T; Smyth, SS
February 2018

Auditing SNOMED CT hierarchical relations based on lexical features of concepts in non-lattice subgraphs
Journal of Biomedical Informatics. 78: 177-184
Cui, L; Bodenreider, O; Zhi, J; Zhang, GQ
February 2018

Physicians' Decision-making When Implementing Buprenorphine With New Patients: Conjoint Analyses of Data From a Cohort of Current Prescribers
Journal of Addiction Medicine. 12(1): 31-39
Knudsen, HK; Lofwall, MR; Walsh, SL; Havens, JR; Studts, JL
January/February 2018

IKKβ is a β-catenin kinase that regulates mesenchymal stem cell differentiation
JCI Insight
Sui, Y; Liu, Z; Park, SH; Thatcher, SE; Zhu, B; Fernandez, JP; Molina, H; Kern, PA; Zhou, C
January 2018

cGAS drives noncanonical-inflammasome activation in age-related macular degeneration
Nature Medicine. 24(1): 50-61
Kerur, N; Fukuda, S; Banerjee, D; Kim, Y; Fu, D; Apicella, I; Varshney, A; Yasuma, R; Fowler, BJ; Baghdasaryan, E; Marion, KM; Huang, X; Yasuma, T; Hirano, Y; Serbulea, V; Ambati, M; Ambati, VL; Kajiwara, Y; Ambati, K; Hirahara, S; Bastos-Carvalho, A; Ogura, Y; Terasaki, H; Oshika, T; Kim, KB; Hinton, DR; Leitinger, N; Cambier, JC; Buxbaum, JD; Kenney, MC; Jazwinski, SM; Nagai, H; Hara, I; West, AP; Fitzgerald, KA; Sadda, SR; Gelfand, BD; Ambati, J
January 2018

Early and Selective Activation and Subsequent Alterations to the Unfolded Protein Response in Down Syndrome Mouse Models
Journal of Alzheimer's Disease. 62(1): 347-359
Lanzillotta, C; Tramutola, A; Meier, S; Schmitt, F; Barone, E; Perluigi, M; Di Domenico, F; Abisambra, JF