Survivors Union of the Bluegrass (Community Advisory Board)

The Survivors Union of the Bluegrass is a community advisory board comprised of people who use drugs (PWUD) or are in non-abstinence based recovery. The board’s mission is to foster partnerships between researchers and local communities to facilitate research activities that are more responsive to community needs.

The Survivors Union of the Bluegrass provides UK researchers an opportunity to meaningfully involve PWUD in the development, design, and dissemination of research while providing a forum to discuss ethical and practical concerns.

Researchers are encouraged to apply to visit one of the board’s monthly meetings using the link below. Presenting groups will be given at least 45 minutes with the board to discuss their project. For more information or questions about applying, email Trevor Moffitt ( 

The Survivors Union of the Bluegrass is supported by the UK Substance Use Priority Research Area (SUPRA); Voices of Hope, a local recovery community organization; and the UK CCTS. 


Apply through the Service Request Form »


Survivors Union of the Bluegrass Marks Year of Impact on UK Research

Nineteen research teams have visited the SUB, shared their work and gathered feedback from the group. More than 70% of the teams specifically asked for the group’s input on project design and research questions.

“It’s been a great year. We’ve built a tight-knit core group of people who understand where each person is coming from even though our recoveries all look a little bit different,” said Jeremy Byard, SUB chair. “And with this opportunity, we’ve created a safe space for members to influence research in a meaningful way. It’s been a wonderful year to all learn from each other.”