Functional Assessment & Body Composition Laboratory

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The CCTS Functional Assessment and Body Composition (FAABC) Laboratory provides testing and analyses for whole and regional body composition measures as well as resting and exercise metabolic measures. Laboratory equipment used to provide these measures is conveniently located in the CCTS inpatient unit, just a few feet from patient rooms.

Services include:

  • Whole and Regional Body Composition Measures (iDXA)

  • Resting and Exercise Metabolism (Vyaire Vmax Encore Metabolic Cart)

    • Basal and Resting Metabolic Rate

    • Graded and Constant Load Exercise Testing with ECG (bike or treadmill)

  • Functional Assessments

    • Pulmonary function

    • Muscle function - strength, power, and fatigability

  • Assisting in Protocol Development and Design

    • IRB/Grant Language

    • Budget Estimates

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