Biomarker Analysis Lab

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The Biomarker Analysis Lab (BAL) performs sensitive immunoassays for clinical and pre-clinical research. Technologies range from single target enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISA) to multi-target electrochemiluminescent immunoassays (Meso Scale).

BAL also

  • maintains a YSI glucose analyzer for point of care glucose measurements 
  • provides sample processing/storage for human fluids, muscle biopsy IHC mounts, etc.
  • provides cost estimates for grant submission.


Newly Available Ultrasensitive S-Plex Assays from Meso Scale (fg/mL):

a table of Ultrasensitive S-Plex Assays from Meso Scale available from BAL



In the Lab
Leta Hommel with Magnum PI Bag




"Good day at work when your samples come in a Magnum PI bag!"

- Leta Hommel
   Manager, Biomarker Analysis Lab