• Jan 31 2024

Whitehurst Interviewed about Sleep Health on NPR

Lauren Whitehurst, PhD

Lexington, Ky. (Jan. 31) - Lauren Whitehurst, PhD, assistant professor of psychology and director of team science for the UK Center of Clinical and Translational Science, was recently interviewed on an NPR segment about sleep and health.

Whitehurst’s research focuses on what constitutes “good” sleep, exploring how neural changes during sleep support human cognitive function. Her lab examines how stress-sleep interactions impact cognitive function, as well as the importance of sleep to the development of accelerated or pathological cognitive decline (e.g. dementia/Alzheimer’s disease). Of particular interest to Whitehurst’s work is understanding how the lack of access to restorative sleep can play a role in creating or exacerbating disparities in cognitive health for communities historically underserved by science and medicine in the US.  

Listen to or read the interview here.