Therapeutic Advisory Panel

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The Therapeutic Advisory Panel (TAP) is composed of faculty with expertise in the disciplines of drug discovery and design, drug development and delivery, preclinical and clinical pharmacology, regulatory and commercialization. Faculty with content expertise relevant to specific projects, including cancer, drug addiction, neuroscience, obesity and cardiovascular science participate as ad hoc members when discipline-specific expertise is required.

TAP members review and select pilot project proposals submitted by faculty for consideration for CCTS funding. A written summary of the review is provided to each faculty submitting a pilot project proposal. Investigators may be invited to a TAP meeting to  present the project with the goal of addressing questions and concerns. The TAP then comes to consensus on the prioritization of the projects, based on potential for generating a viable clinical candidate. Review criteria include overall impact, clinical significance, innovation, preliminary results, investigators, feasibility, and potential for generating a clinical candidate with commercial potential. 

  • A TAP member acts as a a chaperone to the new investigator to help navigate the drug discovery and development pathway.
  • Close monitoring of the funded projects allows for the timely identification of barriers that could impede research progress.
  • Pilot applications which are not considered high priority are encouraged to reapply, but only after individual meetings with a TAP member, who will review the critique and discuss recommended improvements to the application, providing both conceptual and practical advice.

Thus, the TAP provides expertise in the discovery of novel pharmacological targets, the conceptualization and design of new compounds, the optimization of lead compounds, and in the stewardship of the clinical candidates through pharmaceutical development and through all phases of clinical trials and commercialization. 

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  • Linda Dwoskin, PhD

    • Director, Drug Discovery & Development
    • (859) 257-4743
  • Gregory Graf, PhD

    • Director, Drug Discovery & Development
    • (859) 257-4749
  • Jon Thorson, PhD

    • Director, Drug Discovery & Development
    • (859) 218-0140