Data Extraction - KY CFHS Hospital Inpatient Discharge & Outpatient Services Databases

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The Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services offers a public data set collected by the Office of Health Policy (OHP) through the Kentucky Hospital Association (KHA) pursuant to 900 KAR 7:030.

Release of public use data sets is governed by 900 KAR 7:040. OHP collects both inpatient hospital discharge and outpatient services data (which includes emergency department data). To make this data available to the public while protecting patient personal identifying information, OHP has created public use data sets.

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  • Sponsored by Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services, Office of Health Policy
  • Deidentified data does not require individual IRB approval
  • Kentucky Health Claims Data Use Agreement
  • Dates Available  2000-2020 (inpatient); 2008-2020 (outpatient)

The UK IRB has approved the use of the deidentified database to researchers utilizing ONLY data from the claims data database. It is not to be linked with any other database. The CCTS Enterprise Data Trust approved IRB protocol number for this data set is 43541.

When publishing using this data,  in addition to citing the CTSA please acknowledge the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services, Office of Health Policy.