Biomarker Analysis Lab

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The Biomarker Analysis Lab (BAL)  performs sensitive plate-based assays not routinely run by the hospital clinical laboratory.  BAL has experience in diverse areas of research - nutrition, bone and mineral metabolism, diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, oncology, endocrine function, infection, inflammation, stress hormones, etc.

Services include:

  • Method recommendation.

  • Budget estimates for grant preparation

  • Single- and multi-spot electrochemiluminescent immunoassays (Meso Scale)

  • Fluorometric, colorimetric, and luminescent assays (ELISA/EIA, activity assays)

  • Sample processing and banking

  • Referrals and coordination with other core labs

New to BAL

The Mesoscale Discovery (MSD) QuickPlex SQ 120 reads all MSD electrochemiluminescent immunoassays.

Full Service: You provide samples and BAL will do the rest.

Self Service: You purchase kits, assay samples, and bring to BAL labs for data capture.

In the Lab
Leta Hommel with Magnum PI Bag




"Good day at work when your samples come in a Magnum PI bag!"

- Leta Hommel
   Manager, Biomarker Analysis Lab