All of Us Research Program

All of Us Research Program for Researchers


All of Us is part of a new era in which researchers, health care providers, technology experts, community partners, and the public work together to develop individualized health care.

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The All of Us Mission

The All of Us Research Program from the National Institutes of Health is working to enroll one million people across the U.S. to help build one of the most diverse health databases in history. Researchers can use the data to learn how our biology, lifestyle, and environment affect health. This may one day help them find ways to treat and prevent disease.


About the Researcher Workbench

The All of Us  Researcher Workbench is a cloud-based platform where registered researchers can access Registered and Controlled Tier data. Its powerful tools support data analysis and collaboration. Integrated help and educational resources are provided through the Workbench User Support Hub. Register for a workbench account here


Have a data management question? 

Connect with us during Virtual Office Hours! Our data manager Danielle Yearby-Walker and data analyst Noah Perry will be available every Monday from 12:00 – 1:00 PM to assist users with accessing and analyzing data from the All of Us cohort. You do not need to register, just log on at any time during the hour and one or both of our data team members will be available to assist you. The Zoom link is


Have other questions or need a one-on-one data meeting?

We’re happy to connect with you! Simply complete our Service Request Form and we will schedule a meeting that’s convenient for you. 

UK's All of Us Team

  • Gia Mudd-Martin PhD, MPH, RN

    Principal Investigator, University of Kentucky All of Us  Program
    Director, CCTS Community Engagement Core

    A headshot of Dr. Gia Mudd-Martin
  • Jeffery Talbert, PhD

    Co-Investigator, University of Kentucky All of Us Program
    Director, CCTS Biomedical Informatics Core

    Photo of Jeffery Talbert professor and university research professor, Division Chief fro Biomedical Informatics, Associate Director, UK CCTS
  • Lynn Warneke

    Research Project Manager, University of Kentucky All of Us Program

    Professional headshot of Lynn Warneke, a white woman with straight, shoulder-length brown hair. She's wearing a black scoop-necked shirt and smiling at the camera. A brown photo backdrop is behind her.
  • Danielle Yearby-Walker, MBA, MPH, MSHI

    A young black woman with curly hair parted on the side and reaching just above her shoulders. She's smiling at the camera, wearing pearl stud earrings and a white blouse with black flowers.
  • Noah Perry

    Data Analyst

    Headshot o Noah Perry, a white man with brown wavy hair pulled back and a brown mustache and beard. He's wearing a light brown plaid suit with a rust-colored tie. He's smiling at the camera, and behind him is a slatted wall through which sun is shining.