Additional Biospecimen Resources at UK

The following is a list of many of specialist biobanks on UK's campus:




Access to Samples

Types of Samples

Data Linkage

Information and Inventory

Markey Cancer Center

Biospecimen and
Tissue Procurement
Shared Resource

Cancer and normal
tissues,  plasma, serum,
buffy coat, cryopreserved
cells, DNA
De-identified therapy and
outcome data through
the Kentucky Cancer Registry
MCC Biospecimen Inventory
Sanders Brown Center on Aging UK-ADC Tissue
Sample Request Form
Brain specimens (frozen
and paraffin), CSF, serum, plasma, buffy coat
Demographics, family
history, neurocognitive testing, MRI images
UK-ADC Neuropathology Core
Center for
Muscle Bank Skeletal muscle, fat, plasma, serum, buffy coat Demographics, basic health assessment, functional strength assessment UK Center for Muscle Biology
Adipose and
Muscle Tissue
Bank Skeletal muscle, fat Demographics, basic health assessment


Gill Cardiovascular Biorepository Frozen samples from different heart regions Linked to medical records