Clinical Research Coordinator 101

This blended-learning training series is designed for clinical research coordinators, clinical research associates, or staff members who function in this capacity.  The multi-session series provides basic information on coordinating clinical trials at the University of Kentucky and is appropriate for entry level positions or those new to the field.  Because this training is designed as an entry level program, it does not provide continuing education credit. There will be no fee charged to employees of the University of Kentucky.

Clinical Research Coordinator 101 consists of: SIX web-based training modules and THREE two-hour live Zoom training sessions. Participants must complete all web-based training modules and attend all three Zoom sessions to obtain a Certificate of Completion for this course. 

Clinical Research Coordinator 101:

Three 2-hour Zoom sessions (LIVE)

  1. Understanding Clinical Research & Role of the Clinical Research Coordinator
  2. Human Subject Protection/IRB Process & Informed Consent
  3. All Things Regulatory & Research Ethics

Online Training Modules (UK LMS)

  • Fiscal Compliance
  • Quality Assurance
  • Investigational Drug Services
  • Drug Device Trials/Accountability
  • Behavioral Science
  • Data Collection