DREAM Scholars Recipients -Past
  • Shelia Barnhart, PhD, MSW

    Associate Professor, College of Social Work

    PROJECT:  The Family Stress Model and Hispanic/Latinx Families

    Primary Mentor:  Antonio Garcia, PhD, MSW

  • Joseph Benitez, DMD, PhD

    Assistant Professor, Department of Health Management and Policy, College of Public Health 

    Primary Mentor:  Teresa Waters, PhD

    Benetiz, PhD
  • Ian Boggero, PhD

    Assistant Professor, College of Dentistry, Department of Oral Health Science/Orafacial Pain

    Project: Establishing the Acceptability of a Psychological Telehealth Intervention for Chronic Orofacial Pain in Rural Kentucky

    Primary Mentor:   Ty Borders, PhD

    Ian Boggero, PhD
  • Zakary Clements, BS

    Predoctoral Student, Counseling Psychology, College of Education

    Primary Mentor: Sharon Rostosky, PhD


  • Laneshia Conner, PhD, MSW

    Assistant Professor, College of Social Work

    Project: Feasibility Study of an Adapted HIV Behavioral Intervention for Older Women: Woman to Woman (W2W)

    Primary Mentor: Carrie Oser, PhD

    Headshot of Laneshia Conner, PhD, a Black woman in her 30s with long straight hair; she's smiling at the camera wearing salmon/blue/gray striped sweater and a blue turtle neck. In the blurred background is a maroon wall with large portraits.
  • Jessica Flores, PhD, MS

    College of Arts & Sciences, Department of Psychology

    Project:  Understanding the Sexual Health and Intimate Relationships of Young Adult Latinas

    Primary Mentor:  Christal Badour, PhD

  • Diane Francis, PhD

    Assistant Professor, Department of Communication, College of Communication and Information 

    Primary Mentor: Nancy Harrington, PhD

    Francis, PhD
  • Brittany Givens, PhD

    Assistant Professor, College of Engineering, Chemical & Materials Engineering

    Project:  Efficacy of Sustained-release Chemotherapeutic Formulations for Addressing Racial Disparities in Endometrial Cancer Deaths

    Primary Mentor:  Nancy Schoenberg, PhD

  • Kaitlin Voigts Key, R.N., Ph.D.

    Postdoctoral Student, Nursing, College of Nursing

    Primary Mentor:  Gia Mudd-Martin, PhD, MPH

    Voights, BSN
  • Myles Moody, MA

    Predoctoral Student, Department of Sociology, College of Arts and Sciences

    Primary Mentor:  Carrie Oser, PhD

  • Monica Mundy, MPH

    Predoctoral Student, Education Science, College of Education

    Primary Mentor: Melinda Ickes, PhD

  • Melinda Murdock, MS

    PhD Candidate, College of Agriculture, Department of Family Sciences

    Project: Contextual Theory: A Framework for Relational and Racial Equity in Relationships

    Primary Mentor:  Nathan Wood, PhD, LMFT

  • Firaz Peer, PhD

    Assistant Professor, College of Communication & Information, School of Information Science

    Project: Exploring Religio-cultural Interventions in Substance Abuse Treatment Information infrastructures

    Primary Mentor: Hilary Surratt, PhD

  • Jessica Rivera-Rivera, MS, MPH

    Predoctoral Student, Psychology, College of Arts and Sciences

    Primary Mentor:  Jessica Burris, PhD

  • Brittany Smalls, PhD

    Assistant Professor, Internal Medicine, Center for Health Services Research

    Primary Mentor: Nancy Schoenberg, PhD

    Small, PhD
  • Paris Wheeler, BS

    Predoctoral Student, Educational, School and Counseling Psychology, College of Education

    Primary Mentor:  Danelle Stevens-Watkins, PhD

  • Brandi M. White, PhD, MPH

     Assistant Professor, Department of Clinical Sciences, College of Health Sciences

    Primary Mentor:  Charles Ellis, PhD, East Carolina University 

    White, PhD, MPH