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The CCTS Biospecimen Core facilitates access to biological specimens, provides responsive biobanking services, and trains investigators in biospecimen-related research. 

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The University of Kentucky Research Registry and Specimen Bank currently includes more than 34,339 patients who've consented to participate, with the following specimens available:


  • ​​​Buffy Coat: 1,148 samples 

  • CSF: 84 samples

  • Fat: 217 samples 

  • Muscle: 27 samples

  • Arterial Plaque (fixed): 17 samples

  • Plasma: 1,448 samples

  • Red Blood: 698 samples 

  • Serum: 1,610 samples

  • Tissues: 539 samples
    Including lung, stomach, liver, large and small intestine, aortic tissue, and spleen

        *Last updated Aug 16, 2019


We can also work with you to obtain other types specimens needed for your research.


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