Appalachian Translational Research Network (ATRN)

Accelerating Discovery Across Appalachia

The ATRN addresses the significant health challenges and disparities specific to Appalachia by enhancing multi-institutional and community research collaborations that accelerate the translation of scientific discoveries for health improvements in this region.

This map was creating using materials from the Appalachian Regional Commission.

ATRN Institutions Map

 ATRN members include the following Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA) centers:


  1. Penn State University (Hershey, PA)

  2. The Ohio State University (Columbus, OH)

  3. Ohio University (Athens, OH)

  4. University of Cincinnati (Cincinnati, OH)

  5. West Virginia Clinical and Translational Science Insititute (Morgantown, WV)

  6. University of Kentucky (Lexington, KY)

  7. Marshall University (Huntington, WV)

  8. East Tennessee State University (Johnson City, TN)

  9. Wake Forest University (Winston-Salem, NC)


More information is available on the ATRN organization website. »