Barriers to Care
Barriers to Care

Researchers at the University of Kentucky invite you to participate in a research study focused on gaining insights and perspectives from gender and sexual minority individuals and their families. The goal of the study is to learn how the healthcare field can better serve these individuals, their families, and communities. Participants will be compensated with a $50 gift card upon completion of the study.

You may be eligible to participate if you:

• Are 18 - 29 years old

• Identify as a gender or sexual minority (LGBTQ) or are a friend or family member of someone who identifies as a gender or sexual minority

• Are interested in participating in a Zoom focus group to discuss barriers to care and experiences of gender and sexual minority individuals accessing care

Visit if you’re interested in participating!
Listen to Dr. Kelly Hill's interview with Dr. Greg Davis on Medicine:
UK launches Barriers to Transgender Care study
See UKNow for article: New Study Aims to Improve Access to Care for the Youth LGBTQ+ Community

For more information:

Kelly Hill, MD


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