Have you just had a heart attack?
have you just had a heart attack?

Have you just had a heart attack?

You may be able to take part in the EMPACT-MI study

WHO can participate?

- Men and women ages 18 and older

- Heart attack within the past 14 days of hospital admission

- At least one additional risk factor: (see your doctor for other factors that may qualify)

o Age 65 years or younger

o Prior heart attack

o Type 2 diabetes mellitus (no type 1)

What can you expect?

- Study duration: 12 to 24 months

- Includes 1 – 2 on-site visits and 3 – 6 remote visits

- Option to use telephone, mobile app, or computer for remote visits

- Study medication is taken by mouth once per day with water, with or without food

- You will continue to receive your regular health care while on the study

- You will be placed by chance into the study drug or placebo group. A placebo looks like

a study drug but has no medicine in it.

- Study related care, tests, and study medication will be provided to participants at no


For more information, contact:

Ben Rushing, CCRC



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