Are You Living with Heart Failure?
Are You Living with Heart Failure?

Researchers look to reduce lung congestion symptoms using the v-wave shunt in advanced Heart Failure.

The RELIEVE-HF™ randomized clinical trial is currently evaluating a new investigational implantable medical device for patients diagnosed with heart failure.

Objective: To provide reasonable assurance of safety and effectiveness of the V-Wave Interatrial Shunt System by improving meaningful clinical outcomes in patients with NYHA functional class II, class III or ambulatory class IV heart failure, irrespective of left ventricular ejection fraction, who at baseline are treated with guideline-directed drug and device therapies.

Can You Be Included in the Trial?

If you are interested in being a participant in the RELIEVE-HF Clinical Study, the study doctor will discuss all study procedures and requirements of the study, as well as the potential benefits and risks.

You may be eligible for the study if you:

  • Have been told you have heart failure (HF) that causes symptoms such as shortness of breath, fatigue, or difficulty performing daily activities (defined as New York Heart Class II, III, or ambulatory Class IV HF); and
  • Have had a hospital admission for heart failure within the past twelve (12) months and/or an elevation in a certain blood test for HF called BNP or NT pro-BNP.

Discuss your medical history with your physician to see if the RELIEVE-HF trial is right for you:

PI: John Gurley, MD

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Coordinator: Stephanie Morris - 859-323-5366

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