UK HealthCare Clinical Data

Clinical Data

The CCTS Enterprise Data Trust contains clinical data from different UKHC electronic systems which has been integrated into a Data Warehouse and made available for investigators use in research projects. The data can be accessed for multiple research tasks including, but not limited to, preparatory research, limited data sets, de-identified research, identifying research cohorts, and data mining research on clinical records.

The UKHC clinical data set primarily focuses on the following information:

  • Local Inpatient Population
  • Deidentified data requires no individual IRB approval if employed within the Covered Entity
  • Identified data requires individual IRB approval
  • Over 1,081,000 Lives Available
  • Dates Available 2004- present

Currently we have the following search dimensions available from 2004- present:

  • - Demographics (age today, gender, marital status, race)
  • - Financial Classification
  • - Provider level detail (service)
  • - Medical Diagnosis (ICD 9 standard)
  • - Medical Procedures (inpatient facility and technical procedures) CPT codes
  • - Lab tests and results (Chemistry, Coagulation, Hematology, Urinalysis)
  • - Medications received ( inpatient medications and outpatient prescriptions)
  • - Visit Details (age at visit, LOS, financial classification, service unit, weekend admission)
  • - Vital signs (height, weight, BMI, direct arterial blood pressure, noninvasive blood pressure, heart rate, pulse oximetry, respiratory rate, temperature, death status, tobacco status)

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The IRB has approved deidentified UKHealthCare clinical information for research use under protocol number 11-0750-F6A; however, any research that requires identified protected health information are required to obtain their own IRB application approval prior to the release of clinical data.