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Participant Recruitment Services (PRS) provides compliant advertising recruitment materials for studies. We have a wide variety of tools available for University of Kentucky researchers. We can help you develop your recruitment plan, create materials, and promote your IRB approved study on our dedicated resources and paid media venues. 

To start, review IRB Guidance and IRB Ad Development and Approval Research Recruitment & Advertising or watch video at IRB REVIEW Recruitment and Advertising Video. For Institutional Review Board (IRB) questions contact: Belinda Smith,Office of Research Integrity (ORI) Research Education Specialist 859-323-2446,

There are factors to consider for the development of a strategic recruitment plan:

PRS value added, no cost services:

  • PRS will provide participant recruitment consultations and discuss your options: Contact:
  • Help develop a recruitment plan for IRB Research Description. 
  • Provide sample recruitment language for e-IRB Research Description: Advertisement Section
  • Provide Pre-screening of potential subjects to determine initial eligibility information: 
  • Instructions for using REDCap Online Pre‐Screening
  • Create advertising materials: e.g. flyers, social media, brochures, educational materials, posters, postcards
  • Connect with UK PR to create research articles to promote study (camera ready posters/video filming)

Participant Recruitment Registry/Database:   

Promotion of recruitment materials for approved study

  • Place ads on recruitment websites: and 
  • Place on UK CCTS and UK HC Social Media: FacebookTwitterYouTube
  • Place recruitment flyers on 5 dedicated research wall mounts and UK HC monitor screens
  • Attend community outreach events, you are invited to attend with us, or provide recruitment materials/items

Capture your enrollment metrics from the start of recruitment

Study Flyer Templates:
If you chose to design your own advertisements the CCTS provides example Templates with instructions on use. 

Media services, Participant Recruitment Services can help create purchased advertisements, (except TV)
You will need to build the cost of the advertisement into your study budget.

  • Negotiate costs, contact media, schedule ads placement
  • Newspaper ad
  • Internet copy
  • Radio script
  • TV and Cable (cable ads can be created at no cost)
  • Lextran buses, bill boards, etc.
  • Sponsor ads: Add UK logo and ‘An Equal Opportunity University’ (EOU)
  • Negotiate cost for placement and scheduling of advertisements
  • Press releases developed by sponsors will be sent to UK PR for review
  • Physician referral letter: Physicians Liaison Program can provide a list of community physicians 
  • Physician referral letter:  UK post office will provide costs to process and mail letters, you will need to provide printed study flyers and envelopes 
  • Contact: 
Additional Recruitment Services

Public Relations

  • Create news articles for research studies – send completed article template with IRB submission
  • PR Authorization for use and disclosure of information and images
  • Develop radio copy
  • Place news article on UK Now
  • Release to media (Note: the media does not always pickup these news stories)
  • CCTS or your departments PR will call Research Investigators/IRB Chair about Media interview requests for research study
  • Work with investigator to create consumer-oriented columns and articles for placement in local/regional newspapers and magazines.
  • Promote investigators as guests on local radio/television interview segments.
  • Facilitate public speaking opportunities
  • Contact: 
UK HealthCare/Marketing:
  • UK HealthCare media venues: Facebook and Twitter
  • UK HC Health Matters, Making a Difference, Vital signs
  • General research information and flyers on UKHC Monitors Screens and UK HC Homepage on where to find studies
  • Healthsmart on Clinical Research “Should You Participate in a Clinical Research Study?”
  • UK Health Connections (859-257-1000)  – filters “Research Study” phone calls to CCTS Participant Recruitment Services
  • UK Information: (859-257-9000) – filters research study calls to CCTS/CSC
  • Cosmo Calls – Nurses that handle calls after hours will send “Potential Participants" to CCTS
  • UKHC Outreach events, research departments are welcome to attend as UK Ambassadors 
  • Contact: Roxane.Poskin@uky.ed