Graduate Certificate in Clinical Research Skills

Contact Information:

Victoria King, PhD
Career Development Director
Phone: (859) 323-1225

Eligibility: All CRS scholars must either be enrolled in a UK graduate program or accepted into post-baccalaureate status through the Graduate School in order to enroll in the Graduate Certificate in Clinical Research Skills. Full-time UK employees may use the Employee Education Program to cover tuition costs.

Application: Prior to submitting an application, prospective scholars must contact Victoria King, PhD, (Career Development Director, CCTS; email:; tel: 859-323-1225) about the Certificate program. Prospective scholars submit a completed CRS Scholars Application online. Application materials include transcripts, a current Curriculum vitae (CV), and two letters of support.  Applications are accepted for both the Fall and Spring semesters.  All application materials for the Fall semester must be received by May 1.  All application materials for the Spring semester must be received by October 1. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered until the following application cycle.  Following review of applications by the Admissions Committee, applicants will be notified of their status.

Program Detail

Curriculum: The Graduate Certificate in Clinical Research Skills (CRS) requires the completion of the following didactic courses (12 credit hours):

Course Number Title Description Course Credits Semester(s) Offered
CPH 605 Introduction to Epidemiology

This is a graduate level course in the principles of epidemiology and applications in preventive medicine and environmental health. The course consists of lectures and informal discussions. Principles and methods of epidemiologic research with a focus on issues of study design and analysis will be presented. Prereq: Graduate student in good standing in the MPH program, MSPH program, or community health nursing, or consent of instructor.

3 Spring or Fall
CPH 664 Design and Analysis of Clinical Trials

This course will introduce the fundamental concepts used in the design of Phase IIV clinical trials and statistical methodology associated with trial data analysis. Prereq: STA 570 or permission of instructor.

3 Fall
BSC 534 Ethics and Responsibility in Clinical Research

The goal of this course is to provide an overview of ethical considerations when conducting and reporting clinical research, as well as to provide experience in the practice and application of ethics to clinical science. Prereq: This course is designed for scholars pursuing research training in clinical and translational science to integrate and apply knowledge obtained in previous training. Permission is required from the Course Director for entry into the class.

Note: CPH 665/PHR 665: Ethical Issues in Clinical Research (3 credit hours – Spring Semester) can be substituted.

3 Fall
Elective    . 3 Fall or Spring
Research Presentation /
Project /
- Local Research Presentation
- National Research Presentation
- Grant or Manuscript Submission

Other Information:

Integration with MPH: The 12 credit hours of didactic coursework for the Graduate Certificate in Clinical Research Skills may be applied to the Master of Public Health (MPH) in the College of Public Health.

Scholars are also encouraged to attend any or all of the CCTS seminar series, the CCTS Spring Conferences, the Dean’s Distinguished Lecture Series, and additional seminars, lectures, grand rounds and special events, based on their research interests and career development needs.

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