Clinical Operations Inpatient and Outpatient Services

About Us:

The CSC (Clinical Services Core) Clinical Operations unit is a network of resources, facilities and professionally staffed inpatient and outpatient unit for adults and children as well as additional resources and services for conducting CCTS approved studies.

The mission of the Clinical Operations Unit of the CSC is to provide the highest quality staff and facilities to serve the needs of investigators and research participants by adhering to GCP standards, ensuring participant safety, and by the timely initiation, execution, management and completion of clinical research protocols.

The Clinical Operations Unit can assist the researcher with the following services:

  • Implementation of grant funded protocols, investigator initiated trials and phase I, II, III, and IV clinical trials;
  • Provide nursing care to a variety of age groups (pediatric to geriatric populations)
  • Administer or disperse investigational study medication and study agents, including chemotherapy and inoculations;
  • Perform physiologic measurements such as: vital signs, EKG, cardiac/vital sign monitoring;
  • Collect research data: perform study specific tests, monitor and document responses to interventions, conduct exams such as vision, nasal, mini mental exams, and administer surveys and questionnaires;
  • Assist with bedside procedures, such as lumbar punctures, muscle biopsies, bone biopsies and sedation;
  • Conduct pharmacokinetic studies;
  • Obtain, process and ship lab specimens (blood, urine, saliva, CSF) (all staff are DOT/IATA certified);
  • Provide patient education;
  • Provide adverse event surveillance:
  • Complete source documents, record observations.
  • Study Coordination

Investigators interested in requesting services of the CCTS Clinical Service Core, can complete a Service Request Form by following this link: CCTS Service Request Form