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CITE!! CTSA UL1TR001998 in publications

If your research is supported by the UK Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA), citation of the CTSA grant number in current and future publications is 1) required by NIH and 2) a critical productivity metric for the UK Center for Clinical and Translational Science (CCTS).  Through annual progress reports, NIH captures publication citations electronically.

How to cite the CTSA grant:
For CCTS funding, services, resources, facilities, tools, equipment, etc., cite:  UL1TR001998
This grant number should be used in the acknowledgements or grant support section of manuscripts. If associated language is needed, the following sentences can be inserted:

"The project described was supported by the NIH National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences through grant number UL1TR001998.  The content is solely the responsibility of the authors and does not necessarily represent the official views of the NIH.”

If your research has been supported by both the previous CTSA and the current CTSA, please cite both awards:  UL1TR000117 and UL1TR001998.

When is it required that you cite the CTSA grant?

  1. For research directly funded by the CCTS: CCTS pilot awards, CCTS small grants, CCTS seed grants, KL2/TL1 support, CCTS subsidized research projects and protocols.
  2. Faculty or staff funded by the CCTS/CTSA where their research benefited from salary support.
  3. For research utilizing any CCTS services, resources, facilities, tools or equipment, such as:
    • Services (research concierge/Elodie, biostatistics, informatics, data extractions, regulatory support, recruitment/marketing, nursing, study coordination, labs, etc.)
    • Resources (consultations, biospecimens, training workshops, courses and seminars, etc.),
    • Facilities (outpatient/inpatient rooms, data storage, biospecimens/sample storage),
    • Informatics Tools (REDCap, i2b2, ResearchMatch, etc.)
    • Equipment supported by the CCTS.

Please consider citing the CTSA grant for these situations:

  1. When CTSA involvement is less direct, the decision to cite the CTSA grant in papers is at the discretion of the senior author. Given the importance of publications to demonstrating the transformative power of the CCTS, we ask that you consider citing the CTSA.
  2. CCTS involvement that qualifies for citing the CTSA:
    • Technical assistance, such as statistical or lab assistance, helped accomplish a portion of the research, but the personnel were only partially funded by the CTSA. If the technical expertise played an important role, then citation of the CTSA may be appropriate.
    • Faculty with partial FTE from the CTSA grant should consider whether their CTSA funding provided some support for a research project which would qualify for CTSA grant citation.
    • Other assistance from CCTS personnel may have been important to the research in question. CCTS faculty and staff are often involved in initiating and supporting collaborative research, coordinating critical meetings of collaborators, and stimulation of novel ideas.  These activities should be considered for citation of the CTSA grant.

NIH Public Access Policy:  The NIH requires submission of all peer-reviewed publications supported by NIH resources to PubMed Central.  Compliance with this policy is mandatory:  NIH will not acknowledge any publications not in compliance with this policy and may withhold funding on grants not in compliance.  Compliance is monitored via a PubMed Central ID (PMCID), which must be included in bibliography listings of these publications.  Additional information is provided on the NIH Public Access page at

Please note:  The CCTS is happy to handle the Public Access submission process for publications in journals that do not automatically submit through the NIHMS portal.  For assistance, please contact Barbara Ramsey at or (859) 323-2615.