Research Registry and Specimen Bank

Biospecimen banks are an important resource for current and future research on human health and disease. You are providing valuable information to our research investigators as they continue to learn how our bodies work. Potential discoveries greatly increase when specimens are linked with information about you, such as a diagnosis, or the results of your blood test. However, the value of scientific advancements must be balanced with human subject protection and individual rights.

The Kentucky Research Registry and Specimen Bank: Patient Q&A

What is the Research Registry and Specimen Bank?

  • Doctors at the University of Kentucky have developed a Kentucky Research Registry & Biospecimen Bank.
  • They intend to collect leftover biospecimen(s) (tissues, blood or other fluids) that are obtained during your visit.
  • These leftover biospecimens will be frozen and saved in the Research Registry and Biospeciman Bank and may be used for future research.
  • Your biospecimen(s) will not be connected to any information that can identify you.
    For example, a researcher who receives a biospecimen from the Research Registry and Biospeciman Bank may be informed that it comes from a 45-year-old man with hypertension. However, the researcher will not know the donor’s name, or any other information that can identify the donor as an individual

Biospecimens Registry Brochure
Brochure FAQ for patients